crew; mob; set; gang
His mata controlled all the clubs in Santiago.
by Suspectu August 17, 2016
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The definition means "head" the word roots from the down south slang for the word "tomato" even older people know immediatly what u are talking about dependenig on the sentence
1. That boy keep runnin his dick suckas he gone get his got damn mata rocked, i promise u.

2. That bitch sucked my mata on da way back from the club she sucked all da juice out of eem.

3. Shawty can i get some mata?
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To bum, sponge off of someone with no intention of returning the favour. Usually the 'Mata' will borrow small items like pocket change or cigarettes so no-one notices they're a sponge, only everyone already knows.
The 'Mata': Can I borrow a cigarette man, I forgot to buy a pack today, I swear I'll give you one tomorrow.

You: Sure you will (hands over a cigarette).
by Wazman October 23, 2008
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