Said when a 'swish' is made on the basketball court. A swish is when the ball goes in the basket without touching the rim or backboard. The ball makes a 'swishing' sound.
by Diego August 26, 2003
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Nothing but net is the name of an entire category of some of the most intimate sexual positions. The criteria that a sexual position must meet in order to be considered part of the nothing but net category is rigidly defined as any position such that only genitals are touching.

Paying homage to its namesake, it is considered top form to make a "swish" sound at the outset of a nothing but net position. Neglecting to "swish" at adequate volume greatly increases risk of penile fracture.

For a couple containing a male that is not well endowed, it is likely that only limited exploration of the nothing but net category will take place due to anatomical restrictions only permitting a just the tip (or JT squared) scenario.
Fucking in the airplane bathroom, we had to hold the walls so tight it was nothing but net.
by FreeThrow April 29, 2011
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When one swallows ejaculate straight down the throat during oral sex, without any semen entering or touching the sides of the mouth or tongue - Swish, nothing but net.
That girl gave me the best blowjob of my life, she swallowed me deep, nothing but net.
by Maida_gc April 22, 2021
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