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oofta is the correct spelling of the word too often misspelled as uff-da or oofda(although others would disagree). It is an expression used to convey surprise, exhaustion, or a bunch of other feelings a Norwegian may have.
Norwegian: oofta! making all that lefsa tired me out!
by Brett Nelson December 18, 2005
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The modern version of oof. Also a tool to make lumboc go insane.
How was your day?

Absolutely terrible
by Katriddle77 September 20, 2019
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As seen in Dear White People (2014). Sam explains: An "oofta" is a jazz-age term for Bojangle types who blacked it up for white audiences. An oofta modulates his blackness up or down depending on the crowd and what he wants from them.
"That's his platform? Haircuts?"
"Oofta is as oofta does."
by sapphicpersimmon November 26, 2018
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