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An expression of exhaustion or overwhelm, especially used by those of Norwegian descent; see 'uffda'.
Scenario: Someone walking up a street~hill; as s/he shifts a gimungous heavy box from one arm to the other, s/he exlaims: "Oofda! or Uffda"
by arnaim August 04, 2003
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1. An expression of sensual overload, often used when coming in from the cold and sitting down.
2. An exclamation of pity for someone else's situation.
"Did you hear? Her dad got cancer."
by Eccentric Iconoclast July 27, 2006
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a contemporary expression indicating pleasant unexpected surprise, such as: 1. WOW! 2. Hey! This is incredible! 3. My goodness that's good! (this definition of "oofda" is the antithesis of the old Norwegian term of utter dismay, "uffda", however like many words in our modern western culture, "oofda" can be used in a variety of ways).
"OOFDA! Levi's lefse in the best!
by Don W. Donaldson January 06, 2004
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