aq is some sort of word-connective word mostly used by turkish guys. it is basicly abbeveration of amina koyim, which i later learned that, means fuck you.
But it became so popular and people started to use it for wider meanings.

After a statement-expressive sentence, as an expression of being surprised, being angry, nervous, anxious, and almost all kinds of state-expressions.
For example, it can be used like;

It is too hot aq.

Which converts the whole sentence to a whine. Or,

Aq you.

This is the classic, so-known fuck you style.

Yesterday, aq, i saw him heading to valencia.

In this one, aq is just a connective phrase, nothing more, and nothing to be offended or truly intensive letter.
by Levicorpus August 9, 2008
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Short for Ahn'Qiraj. A high level raid instance in World of Warcraft. Can be found in southern Silithus. Contains bosses such as Skeram, Sartura, Fankriss, Huhuran, Twin Emperors, C'thun, bug trio, Ouro and Viscidus.
Zomg, that shaman has gathered the whole Stormcaller set. He must have been alot in AQ -.-
by Håkon September 5, 2006
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A brief anonymous sexual encounter arranged with an app
that has a location filter so that you can find someone or a group who is located very close to you, and is also looking for brief anonymous sex.
I AQed and she was standing right beside me in the same elevator!
by FriendofTell January 16, 2010
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"I'm gonna go over there and you send your units over there, AQ?"
by Tbaggard May 1, 2008
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1. Adventure Quest
An online game.

2. Ahn'Qiraj
A dungeon/raid on the game World of Warcraft (Otherwise known as WoW)
1. "Hey man, you still playing AQ?"
"What, Adventure Quest? Hell yeah, dude!"
2. "LFM AQ40 (Achievement, Mount) 80's run"
by Mibso March 27, 2009
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A house in Windsor, Ontario, which houses six University of Windsor students. Often referred to as the greatest house in the world. To be used as a destination of pleasure, fun, drunkeness, and fortitude.
Karl:Hey, Chester, lets go to AQ and get plastered.
Chester: Sounds like a plan Karl!
(Denny Enters)
Denny: Hey guys, whats up?
Chester: sup dipshit
by scrillah October 28, 2004
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AQs - Aquarian slang "for" Aquarius, during the exinox (1/1/1) - (12/12/12) friends, family and all Aqurians alike (in some way) strived for a universal understanding by working with all people in a way never before seen or felt. AQs, short hand for - The House Of Aquarius ♒
Crowd - Here come the fellas
AQs - We in the house!

Bert - Its always Aquarius this and Aquarius that...
Albert - Its all good, y'all call us AQs
by Ye$acavage$ January 24, 2017
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