Death of a roblox player meaning they dead in emotion, in love, smh, shook, etc... OOF IS A FUCKING LEGEND
Oof did your grandma really die?!
Oof I think I’m in love!!!!
by JAYNEE OOF JOE January 03, 2019
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when something sad happens like a death or heartbreak you say the word oof to show your sadness
by oofgod69 May 19, 2019
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1) The noise one might make when getting hurt (punched, slapped, falling, etc.).

2) The noise another might make when one humiliates theirselves
1) *nerd falls downstairs* Nerd: Oof.

2) Mylee: Today I got laughed at because I shit myself in school. Ashton: Oof
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by AshtonIsDeadInside May 22, 2018
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The sound a Roblox character makes when it dies. It has become a widely known thing, so much so it became a meme. Used when you get injured or when someone embarrasses themselves. Usually used in place of 'ow' and 'ouch'.
Liam: *falls down stairs* OOF!
Mike: OOF! You failed boi!
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 18, 2018
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Death noise in Roblox, or a word you say when you don’t know how to reply, or don’t care.
Friend- I feel sooo sick today
You- oof
by Lia Hartman October 17, 2018
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means when you have gone through some sort of issue or you don't really care what someone is saying and the only thing you can think of is to say "oof". comes from Roblox and is usually used by 5-10 year olds..
girl- Oh My Goshhzz I forgot my homework !!
me- OOF (orange justices)

boy- I got slapped by a gal..
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by Princess.Brixnnx February 16, 2019
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