vegetable with *layers*
not to be confused with: "cake" or "parfait"
"Ogres are like onions."
by BowTieGirl June 14, 2003
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$250,000. a large sum of money
YB: Can you believe it? My dude done sold 12,500 units@ $20 a piece.

TXS: Yeahhh Buddy, thats an onion in the pocket.
by YB The Rock Star May 13, 2010
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When you are in the midst of sexual intercourse, and you slam it in hard enough to hit her 'back wall'. Once that is achieved you may then yell "ONIONS"!
" Oh yeah baby, feel that, uh huh, oh...uh...yeah...ONIONS! "
by Tom & Paul October 28, 2006
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someone who goes against the consensus of a group, generally used in political or intellectual discussions.
Person 1: "I love this book."
Person 2: "Me too."
Person 3: "It's not that great"
Person 1: "You are the onion of the group!"
by dr g class June 29, 2010
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Something that is perfect for you. An act or item that you love or are really good at.
Willo, That chick is your absolute onion!

Thats my onion
by ziley December 04, 2006
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A youtuber that makes videos making fun of emo kids and a brutally honest person... Sell actually he is called onision but fuck that cause that cuck is an onion...
Fan 1: I luv u onion

Fan 2: uhm actually it's onision u faggot

Fan 1: actually shut the fuck up

Fan 3: onision ships PHAN!!!1!!¡¡1!
by Imphanicing June 24, 2016
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