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Carrington's are absolutely gorgeous creatures whom everyone loves. They tend to be out going, exuberant, pretty and lots of fun. Carrington's are very friendly creatures but don't get them angry, because they have a vicious side if you really piss them off. But that side of Carringtons is very rarely seen. Carrington's make perfect best friends as they are excellent listeners, always there for support and incredibly encouraging.
Oh my gosh, i really need someone to talk to! I'll go talk to Carrington, she always knows just what to say!
by 32809174383 March 24, 2011
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He is a sexy beast who can be shy around new people. Carrington always knows what to say and is great with girls. Carrington's are way hot and really nice. They make good best friends but even better lovers. Carrington is a great person who loves hot girls, if a Carrington talks to you be happy cause they only go for tens.
I am down and want to talk to someone. I know who Carrington!!!! I want to hangout with a hot guy I know who Carrington!(:
by godesss August 07, 2012
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An irresistible, charming man that is endlessly unavailable. He is an outgoing person that will make friends with everyone, but will maintain the close relationships for life. He is the man a woman dreams of having as her husband. He will make a wonderful father because he brings a smile to every child's face and is a strong person able to raise them. He is a never ending fantasy.
I met Carrington last night and we hit it off so well I thought I had found the one.. then I woke from my slumber and realized he was again only a fantasy.
by dreamer692791 February 12, 2014
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a girl with very large boobs, she is pretty but sometimes she has a mean way of talking with kaitlyn. Carrigton loves her best friend kaitlyn, most of the time carringtons spend there time being fat and ugly. most carrington spoke weed and crack and there use alot of dope. she loves doing your mom.her favorite thing to do is your moms rainbow chest hairs
omg look at that faat girl on dope

her name is most likely carrington
love kaitlyn
by kaitlyn elizondo November 14, 2011
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