an exclamatory phrase to be used only while you are galloping up the street after putting someone to sleep on the sidewalk
Ronnie: "That's one shot kid"
The Seaside Heights PD: Ronnie, come on over here.
by TDog Jenkins January 29, 2010
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It is what people used to call Uncle, also known as Red Harlow in his youth. He was given this name due to his accuracy when shooting people and animals, as he only needed one shot. This also was given to him due to the nature of his sexual climaxes.
I may have lumbago, but they used to call me the one shot kid.
by SanFrancisco69ers January 13, 2021
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1. Trudeau

2. When your so tough it doesnt matter what you do
Coach: Man, that Trudeau is one tough kid

Fan: He just droped a punt

Coach: He's still one tough kid
by Voltron! March 8, 2008
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A kid who comes to hang out with a large group or just a couple friends and always has theyre ipod headphones in, and they dont help any conversation at all.
"Yo bro can you pitch me some money, i cant afford all of this."

*turns to the kid*

"O shit! you can't hear me cause youre just One Of "Those" kids.

*turns to other friend*
by The Classic July 26, 2010
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a video on porn hub were there i a woman an a dude and the woman is sticking a dildo in his dick ripping his dick in half
¨hey jim did you watch 2 kids one sand box yet¨ ¨no i didnt...yet maybe no yes idk¨
by big nigga who hates PS4 October 22, 2018
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you know that kid who smells like SHIT and wears a Minecraft hoodie and has blond hair and is most likely a pussy and is bad at roasts
that one kid speaking: YoU HaVe BOOgeR teETh
by drem NOT A DREAM STAN April 10, 2021
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