A system where workers collectively own the means of production, and compete in a market free of capitalists. The Bourgeoise and Proletariat merge into one class.
Market Socialism is an economic system that takes aspects of Socialism and Capitalism, and puts them together in a balanced way.
by Skullwarriors June 27, 2015
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Increase Revenue, Optimize Efficiency, and cut costs using Automation, Data, and Process.
Isaac is a brilliant Marketing Hacker as demonstrated by his usage of Marketing Automation, Applied Statistics, and new data processes to quarterly revenue.
by ikecube January 1, 2013
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When a girl walks around with the zipper of her pants pulled down. This is the female equivalent of selling hotdogs.
Ania didn't know why Jason kept staring at her pants until she looked down and realized that she was marketing tacos.
by Mike Payne March 22, 2008
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A cost effective marketing strategy where two or more companies represent the other firm's non-competing product in various promotions or through referrals.
At the networking mixer, Mary the wedding planner got together with Jason the videographer and mentioned to him how trying out some "piggyback marketing" could work out well for both of them.

i.e., "I'll put a link to your website on my site, if you'll put a link to my website on yours."
by ZonaCat Hansen October 29, 2010
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A business term used to describe how a free-market economy balances itself after extreme events run their course like a rising stocks after a recession or the real estate bubble burst. The word crossed over into everyday use to similarly describe when one's fortune or luck changes, for bad or good, changing the course of daily life.
Bob: Last summer I was was nailing babes left and right. Now that I'm back at college...nothing!

Pete: Ah, well, you're not that attractive or interesting. You just had a lucky streak. You were due for a market correction. Consider yourself forntunate if any girl even talks to you, bro!

Pete: I was just promoted at work! I've been wasting my talents there for WEEKS, but the VP just quit and they promoted me to replace him. Guess I was due for a market correction, huh? How's the girl situation, Bob?

Bob: I hate you.
by Tenacious Faulker August 20, 2009
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1. An economic system where in theory goods and services are determined by supply and demand.
2. A common term for the items outside of charity bins.
3. A store where you can take items free of charge (they usually ask that you leave something you no longer need behind.)
1. Socialists tend to laude free market economies.
2. I found this awesome chair at the free market by Salvation Army.
3. I dropped some old pots and pans off at the free market.
by 123isme October 11, 2012
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A fraud market is a state of being royally fucked in the ass by the market.

Stock Market where retail investors true intentions to compound money from their savings instead it’s worse than a casino; and more addicting than a drug. Market makers will guarantee to take every crumb off your plate.. leave you broke and even homeless but you can’t stop gambling. News, media, and fake-out candles will make your positions look promising and market makers will make sure they make your option-contracts theta decay; move swiftly and inverse of your position.. better yet worthless. You will get fucked in the ass by this market.
MARK: /ES is gonna break 324 support; I’m gonna buy 315 puts.
JAKE: Me too! I’m going all in on my Robinhood account

Next day: Spy opens up 350

MARK: Okay Im gonna buy 360 calls instead.
JAKE: Yeah stonks always goes up

Next day: Market drops 340

Mark dumps his worthless calls the next day; as the market is dropping.. he panic sells and buys puts.. and it rallies hard eod. He's been fucked by the fraud market.
by MARKYMARK247 December 1, 2020
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