No problems, beef, conflict, animosity...
#1 You lucky we ain't to throw them hands.

#2 What, you don't want no smoke with me.
by Randomguy1990 October 23, 2017
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1. Not wanting a problem
2. Can be used as “giving them smoke,” as in kicking someone’s ass in a sport, i.e. basketball
P1: *angrily* Dog you finna get fucked up?
P2: You don’t want no smoke from me, dog
by fuckin shmirs November 3, 2017
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1) //Phrase- Used to ask if you can hang with a group of people

2) //Phrase- can be used to destroy someone in a sport.
by ya ofjbdjeowkdn May 26, 2019
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A question to use in place of asking somone to smoke marijuna with you.
Does Anyone want to smoke some boo?
by Jimmy Endres December 4, 2005
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You want smoke, is a question asked by someone who is trying to fight person.
Yo! We haven’t seen you in a minute! You want smoke? Cause I know you been tryna fight me since the third grade
by Hottiegal3256 April 21, 2019
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