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When an area is bombed to a degree that nothing remains.
Based off of the idea that when a nuke goes off in the desert, the sand turns into a glowing sheet of irradiated glass.
We glassed the (enemy), and steamrolled the corpses.

Glassing the desert was an enthralling process.
by Morph123 April 07, 2017
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V. - To hit someone (usually in the head or face) with a pint glass.
Joe - I was at the bar last night and a fight broke out and the one guy got hit the other in the face with a pint glass.

John- Wow I'm glad I wasn't there for a glassing
by potentiallyunsafe February 04, 2010
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1. The act of becomming usually upset over a trivial matter
2. The literal act of taking your ball and going home (usually in a huff) for no discernable reason
Joe is glassing again because we wanted to play Odd Ball on Halo 3 to break up the monotony of 20 rounds of slayer in Halo CE. Someone call the "waambulance."
by buck3t5 December 16, 2014
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When you're running low on weed, so you stretch your resources, getting only buzzed instead of completely high. It's a nice mellow feeling, but it isn't as fun as getting completely baked.
I only had about a quarter of my birthday pot, so I've been glassing for a week.
by glassybabe December 14, 2011
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Originates from the verb - to glass - and was first said by the infamous purveyor of martinisms and backronyms, Martin Back.

Glassing is an act commonly performed by a reclusive individual in which they which they choose constant solo-cotching in one's home over a large period of time, mainly due to a fear of being Hobgoblin'd. During the said period of solo-cotching Red Dead Redemption is usually played as it is thought of, by the individual, as a better alternative to actually going out.

Pathetic exuses may be imagined in some cases, such as: 'I have to wash dishes.' You are advised to disregard these and, in turn, laugh at them.
Stewart - You coming out tonight, mate?

James - No, I am washing dishes and play Red Dead Redemption tonight as I believe it is a better alternative to going out and realising my fear of human contact (i.e. glassing)
by Free Mansons October 15, 2010
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Someone who wraps their hands in bandage-like material as if you were a boxer, then sticks their hands in a adhesive (A hardening glue) such as super glue or krazy glue, then in crushed glass, then you go head up and fight an opponent while the glue and glass is dried on the bandage wrapping on your hands. When fighting your opponent this would inflict cuts and wounds upon him---known as Glassing. This makes your attack more brutal and bloody.
Some dirty street fighters would come up with ways to be more threatening and "Glassing" their opponent when fighting would make it easier to win, it's a well used fight style.
by ImYourBossNowWhatsHappeninBaby November 04, 2012
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