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A water pipe is a Tobacco Pipe that uses water as a filter. the term is often used in head shops because it is a product that can be legally used as a tobacco smoking device.
customer: "can I see that bong?"
clerk: "that's a water pipe."
Customer: "isn't that the same thing?"
clerk: "... I cant talk about it..."
by Sko56 April 29, 2006
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A type of connection on a water pipe, or bong, that does not use anything to make a seal around it (ie rubber gromets, o-rings, tape, glue) but instead its a taperd hole, with a tapered stem. the connection occures in two spots, on the stem connnecting it to the pipe, and one from the stem to the bowl.
"O sweet that Bong has glass on glass!"
by Sko56 April 29, 2006
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A screen used in a pipe or water pipe to keep what your smokeing in the bowl and out of your mouth
customer"What is a glass screen?"
clerk "its a screen... but its made out of glass"
by Sko56 April 29, 2006
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