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Slang term for high purity methamphetamine. According to DEA reffers to any product wiyh 85% or higher purity. In real street usage reffers to any product with a clear crystalline appearance.
Yo G you holding any glass.
by CD April 08, 2003

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Gangster Disciple, a chicago based gang belonging to the folks nation. Their colors are black and blue, all gang identifiers and symbols are worn to the right of the body. The six pointed star of David, and the upward facing pitchfork are commonly used as a symbol.

See also BGD.
All of those guys are claiming GD over south.
by CD April 05, 2003

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A subdivision of the LA based bloods gang.
ru you a lime street piru dog, or you just like wearing green and acting like a blood.
by CD April 05, 2003

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Used by members of the Gangster Disciples to represent the full 360 degrees of knowledge. Meaning that you understand everything about the topic of discussion. Also reffering to the circle as a symbol for GD.
That GD knows has the 360 on this area.
by CD April 06, 2003

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The gang nation aopposed to the folks nation. People's nation gangs generally are aligned with the color red and wear gang identifiers to the left side of the body. Vice Lords and bloods are examples of gangs in the peoples nation. Used as a greeting by members of the peopoles nation by other members.
Yo people what up. Lets go and rip up some crabs and glazed doughnuts.
by CD April 06, 2003

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Used by Black Gangster Disciples (BGD) to represent haveing pure black and blue hearts. Meaning to be a full BGD. (black and blue are the colors of BGD)
The BGD's on this block can all be considered to be 720, by me.
by CD April 06, 2003

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referring to an individual who is adept at obtaining semen, especially in the anal or oral cavitities.
your mom is a spermburglar, and so is your little sister. oh yeah, and your dad too (he swings both ways)
by cd December 09, 2003

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