Centennial Access to Student Services (CASS) form is an absolutely notorious and infamous system which Centennial College uses to send inquiries from students to the relevant departments, instead of the student directly addressing the person that will fix their problems in minutes.

The processing time for a CASS Form submission varies, but it always has a much more significant wait time, regardless of type of inquiry or department.

It is often used as a delay tactic by staff around the college, even when waiting in-line to see a representative in person:
"Oh what are you here for?" - Staff member to student in long lineup
"I am here for the International Student Office." - Poor, tired, and frustrated student
"Oh sorry they're not taking anymore tickets today, just fill out a form on CASS!" - Inconsiderate staff member
Note the look of deep sadness appears on the poor, tired, and frustrated student's face instantly after triggering CASS remark
"Bhai, I sent the request through the CASS Form over a month and a half ago, no response." - Student in need of CASS help
"See them in-person and ask for help, almost no time left!" - Friend of student
"Sorry bhenchod, submit another CASS Form request!" - Person working department desk

"Excuse me good sir, where are the washrooms here at Centennial?" - Urgent student
"Fill out a CASS request, chutiya!" - Staff member

"Excuse me good sir, what happens to be the current time?" - No watch or phone student
"Fill out a CASS request, chutiya!" - Staff member

"Excuse me good sir, where is the L building?" - No map student
"Fill out a CASS request, chutiya!" - Staff member
by urbandictionaryer416 January 25, 2023
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To be in "the zone". To perform with supreme flair and confidence.
"The kid is in rare form tonight."

-Billy in "Purple Rain"
by major_delmac March 31, 2005
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The non-compulsory final two years of secondary school, in which students usually prepare for their A-levels; often to move on to uni.
"I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life so stayed on in sixth form."
by Damian Chamberlain October 6, 2006
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Inquiring as to someone's temprement or physical wellbeing. Another way of saying "how are you doing?"
John- "Yes Joe, how's the form lad?"

Joe- "Aye, not too bad. And yerself?"
by jus me August 30, 2008
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cooler way of saying cool....radder way of saying rad.....better then excellent, awesome, fantastic, approved, ect.
can also be used negatively i.e. bad form ; example : calling your gf by ex-gf's name...BAD FORM
"kory i like how all your friends are hott...good form" - sam
"sam, do you see carrie trying to steal our men ??? bad form" - kory
by evieHGS July 17, 2010
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To be acting in very particular fashion on a specific occasion, different from the norm.

The form in acting is very "rare"
Pete, you're in rare form tonight bro
by George Allenby January 17, 2011
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A sub-human with a lumbering brain to match their lumbering physique. They are highly unaware of the debilitating mind-virus that renders them ignorant on all matters. They are adult children, lacking common sense and

dumber than a box of pet rocks. However, they are always ready with a painfully dense observation. Useless, ineffective and super lazy - yet spend the little energy and motivation they have living on the take, looking for freebies and hand-outs. Brainless, yet brainwashed by MSNBC and FOX NEWS.
Jimmy sleeps until 12, doesn't work, watches MSNBC all afternoon while collecting disability for a fake carpal tunnel injury. Considers himself an intellectual, yet he is a complete idiot. Some how he has money for meth and cigarettes but nothing to spare for his two bastard children. What a low form!
by Legeis Racecar Siegel October 26, 2022
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