A form commonly used in U.S. bureaucracy, mostly military, as a form of light hazing for fresh recruits assigned to their first duty unit.
This works because of the way you say it as writing it down gives it away; it is pronounced "Eye Dee Ten Tango" as in "You forgot to get an id10t form from administration when you in-processed, go back and get one".
by Anglachel October 27, 2014
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"Drop the Form" (as in, drop the formality), is a polite phrase used to ask someone to dress and/or act casually, rather than properly, to create a more intimate and realistic environment in order to get to the point of a conversation, skipping the formalities.

Note: In an altered definition, DTF can mean to literally drop a form of a piece of paper onto the ground.
1. "Drop the form, Debra, are we breaking up or not?"

2. "Sir, per chance, would you care to procure one of the many exclusive Chanel-"

"Whoa bro, drop the form. I'm just window shopping."

3. "Robert, should I don the Versace blazer or the Gucci silk jacket?"

"No, no, no, no. Drop the form, compadre, we're just going to the beach."

4. "Oh, crap, I dropped the form again. Pick it up for me?"
by droptheform December 26, 2013
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A joke played on new military recruits. id10t is leet for idiot.
Sargent: Private, could you go get an id10t form from Administration?
Private: Sir, yes, sir!
Sargent: *snickers*
by Intelligence001 June 20, 2016
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Time breaker form is used mainly by Kenji Lescara to dramatically increase speed. When it's activated the user's defense is decreased by about a quarter for a dramatic increase speed. This form does not require any energy for usage, in fact it slowly regenerates any damage while in the Timebreaker Form. Timebreaker Form has different stages and types The Etherial version and the Nightbreaker Form.
book: "Timebreaker form can be taught to others with similar blood ties but requires immense training to perfect."
by Kénji Lescara January 25, 2019
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accronym for fucked in the ass form
You paid how much for that car?
You didn't sign a bill of sale you signed a FITA form.
by Newtonsgatorboy January 8, 2009
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Believing you can transform yourself into various other shapes or beings, and that if you don't get them what they want they will change into the most dangerous shape they are capable of, and presumably do a great deal of harm to everyone.
If you don't give me my chicken McNuggets I'll assume my ultimate form and come ate you thru the drive thru window.
by MisterStreetSmartz May 4, 2016
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One can be considered by his or her peers to be out of form, formless, a no former or a zero former after an incident that has resulted in a person giving an extremely poor effort. Once out of form, legend has it that one can return to form through a near perfect, almost god like action but most realistic people know that this is impossible.

When you are out of form it is best to just accept it, learn to take the blame for things that are not your fault, get used to words like Daah and Haa and hope that someday your form will return (although it won't).
(Person 1) Matt Metcher is out of form.
(Person 2) I agree.
(Person 3) Indeed.
(Person 4) He is rather low on form, almost a no former.
(Person 5) What are you guys talking about?
(Person 1) Metcher's low form.
(Person 5) Oh, low form? I thought he had been classified as a no former.
(Person 2) So we all agree, Metcher is formless?
(All) Yes quite formless.
by Year 12 JPC February 21, 2010
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