"Everything" or All of the above. Meant to convey a full encompassing of the subject.
"How's the cream brotha? You good?"
"Doing good in the fill out, man"
by NewWorldEgo September 3, 2019
when girls start to develop into fine-ass females. basically, when they start getting tig old bitties, wider hips, thick ass; all that great stuff.
Middle school kid: Dude! Sabrina is getting more and more boneable every day!

Guy who knows shit: She's starting to fill out, bro. just wait a few weeks and she'll be ready to go.
by phenomenalphalanx October 17, 2011
This refers to when a girl has such a large ass that she can "fill up" her Nike shorts. In other words the shorts become more like tight volleyball shorts rather than looking baggy
Do u see that girls butt? I bet she could be "filling out nikes"
by Billy the kid24 March 4, 2014
To make love to a woman in a hard energetic mannor. So much so that it may loosen the fillings in her teeth.
Q: "I heard your bed springs from next door Bob. must have been some session."
A: "It sure was Bill my cock is throbbing i was knocking her fillings out."
by Big Jock79 December 15, 2010
This situation normally occurs with men who move to Texas. Previously, they may have had a light bodily frame. Upon moving to Texas, they fill out with that healthy cornbread glow, looking extra thick and fine. We call that a Texas Fill Out.
"Have you seen Logan since he moved to Texas?"

"No, why?"

"Boy's got that Texas Fill Out!"
by Welovetexas August 27, 2022