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Matthew Lush is gay YouTube vlogger who has been internet famous likely for longer than a portion of his fans have been alive. He got his start on Myspace in 2005, and got the username "GayGod" when his original account got deleted and fans instantly flocked to his new one. His friend said he was "like a gay god" and the name just stuck. Matthew was also known for doing live shows on Stickam, a live streaming service that shut down in 2013. He later branched out to YouTube, opening his Lush channel in 2005, and GayGod in 2006. In 2007 he was #7 most subscribed, and became one of the first YouTube partners. He was still Myspace famous at this time, having nearly 400,000 friends at his peak. Years down the line, his internet fame started to slow down. However, in 2013 he started uploading to YouTube more consistently, and eventually grew both of his channels to over 1 million subscribers. In 2015, he had a dispute with Lush Cosmetics over them re-claiming his YouTube username "Lush", and he started a boycott campaign. In late 2017, Matthew put a pause on his Lush vlog channel and has yet to resume it. As of 2018, Matthew is still doing YouTube on GayGod, streaming on YouNow almost daily, interacting with his fans through Twitter, and is still a vegan (of nearly 12 years).
Matthew Lush and his fans are boycotting Lush Cosmetics.
by grapefruitgay February 18, 2018
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An Internet celebrity who is also known as "gay god".
He his also a very determined vegan and wants as many
people to also become vegan or vegetarian.
omg,are you going to watch matthew lush
on stickam.?!?
by _murdershesang November 21, 2007
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Famous to the under ground community. Usually girls between the ages of 13-15 are in total love with him. Matthew is a vegan. He is the gaygod. he owns many popular groups on myspace. He does a stickam show every monday and thursday at k thanks :
lauren (age 14):Matthew lush is soooo hot!
jessica (age 14)- OMGG (=oh my gay god) i know like right!
lauren: YEAYA!!! (matthew lush thing he says constantly, and actualy made a song called yeaya {yee-ya})
by lauren [FTH] yeaya! November 13, 2007
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a guy that lives in California that is basically an activist. he supports gay/bi/straight couples/marraiges. he is a vegan and supports PETA. he has myspace and youtube and stickam accounts.
Matthew Lush is greatness in this world.
by i'm so lucky lucky April 26, 2007
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An AMAZING and w III nderful person.! He has a smile that could light up the whole room.! You can find him on YouTube by going to Gaygod or Lush he is funny, cut, and kinda unpredictable.! His beautiful brown eyes will catch you and will put you in a trance.! Yes he's gay but it never stops the ladys from trying.! He's absolutely one of the best people in the worl!! He helps people through a lot of shit and has put up with a lot of shit.! He is a strong and gentle person with a heart of gold!! Matt means the world to many people and gets so much support.!
Matthew Lush you you mean everything to me.!
Lush you Matthew Lush!!
by Bitchslapingshit April 09, 2015
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Matthew lush is a known youtubers also know as gay god he is the god given king of the gays and hes the best knowing youtubers and inspires others people to live a healthy life.
He a the best youtubers around be sides joey graceffa and shane dawson who right behind. Matthew lush
by Queenkass February 19, 2018
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A so called god of myspace. And in the top ten on youtube. Has soo many friends on myspace that all added him because he is hot.
All his friends on the site are emos who think it's cool too to be emo and go too starbucks.
Matthew Lush has too have his myspace page theme always changed to whatever is the latest rad thing too do.
Ha thinks he looks cool with a giant cup of starbucks coffe covering half his page.
He thinks he's different because he drinks it, but in actual fact tons of preps like to go to starbucks.

People say he is such an inspiration because he has spent a lot of time trying to convince the world too be vegan/vegetarian.
But the people who say he is an inspiration know that matthew just does it for attention and does not actually care about animals.
They also know that they are just complimenting him so they can try get his attention and feel really rad when their emo friends see that Matthew Lush has commented them.

Matthew Lush and his myspace is just one big empire of fake peoples who are in desperate need of some attention!!!!Everything about him and the friends on his space is fake. He is only preaching about vegetarian too look cool.
He claims too care so much about others yet all his top friends are so hot or sexy.
He bases people on their looks. And seems too only talk too the good looking ones who comment his page.
Matthew Lush: I feel like a iced tea

Followers: Oh wow your so cool! you like iced tea and your gay and you think your hot. That is like so hot and rad. I'm so sad your gay :( like you are like raddddddddd
by Porridgey March 11, 2007
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