This man is the very definition of sexy, that every person on the opposite sex desires. He is really a greek god of modern times. He's not too muscular nor to thin he is just right.
That man is so omer....
by Wise One February 09, 2004
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sexxy ass turk <3 also a massive stoner ;)
omg look at omer i can just eat that turkey
dude that z totally owned
by dorkalicious December 02, 2004
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a male israely man who's known for his skill of a ninja his Muscals are big and he get alots of Ladys

Warning : The omer is Super awsome if you dont get enough omer you can get injerd
OMFG is That a Omer ?!

Is it a bird ?, Is it a plane ?, No its omer!
by NinjaIsraelyBear October 15, 2011
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omer is a jewish name which preffer to a guy with a fat cock and beatiful body. if you play against him in a game u probably will lose because he got DAT SKILL BOIIII.
"omer assaf kolkah hatih. ani rotsa limtsots lo et ha zain ha gadol"= omer is so hot. i wanna suck his big dick
by omer assaf July 09, 2018
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omar but worse plus its gpa is 1.09
hi im omer
by mr steal ur mc pussy February 11, 2018
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Intelligent and smart person. Very Very Intelligent to the edge of intelligence.
Omer recieved a noble prize of extreme smartness.
by Definer November 20, 2003
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