When its so cold that it makes you say "brr".
John left the thermostat on cold overnight. When he woke up, he said brr.
by thedallasfan December 31, 2013
When someone bullshits right infront of you and you know it, when someone bigs themself up and goes on sick and you know it's all talk and no one gives a shit - they're being 'brr'
them: 'I'll batter her with my pole'

you (to someone else): 'what a load of brr'
by buslurklover June 29, 2010
A short way of saying brother or brah
by chicosnap November 20, 2009
Used in a non formal manner to end the conversation of a given topic. Can also be used in subsitute for lol. A buzzer like sound that can also be used to interrupt someone from talking. Added Rs can make the word have a "heavier" meaning.
brr linda ur wrong.
Linda: mer.
Steve: brr.
Steve: how are u today linda
Linda: im doing Steve: brrrrrr
by Poppdaddy April 13, 2009
an individual that gets hoed by brr n jay300k
smokin on joirbino, jayden, viper, n mammy pack. All these niggas be getting hoed by brr n da nigga jay300k
by hoedbybrr December 4, 2021
Angry, annoyed, and confused at the same time.
Guy #1: So how did it go last night?
Guy #2: BRR!!!

Guy #1: So I was Blah and she was like moo, and then we danced!
Guy #2: Brr
by Alebazi July 6, 2010
1. The word used to describe cold
2. The sound you find repeated in lil pumps song “Gucci gang” 1,000 times.
Ex. 1“ Dang it’s cold up here. Brr!“
Ex.2 The whole freaking song
by Wrong_again June 22, 2018