Name the divas of divas, único y expulsivo
Puta ama mejor person
Linda linda Rosalinda
Hater por naturaleza
Y ya estaría

The end.
Quien tiene una Olatz en su vida tiene un tesoro, sipor.
by Olatz September 14, 2017
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Olatz is the cutest person in the world, according to every single World Leader out there. She is also fun to be with, but beware of her clumsiness: she can turn a party into a battle royale just by tripping on. Still, she's adorable an no one can argue it.
Person 1: Holy Shitola, my eyes!
Person 2: Didn't you know? An Olatz is too bright for your eyes!
by 2dass September 28, 2018
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Olatz is a person who is genuinely kind, respectful and caring. She is the most beautiful girl in the world but she can sometimes forget about it, so please remind her everytime you get the chance to if you know a Olatz. She is extremely loving, so much you will want to be arround her all the time. Olatz is also really respectful, and is really careful to make people feel safe arround her. Always dorky and funny, you will get a lot of laughs with her. If you get to know an Olatz, make sure you keep them arround, they are really precious. In conclussion: Olatz is a person you can do nothing but love, support and care about.
A: I met an awesome person yesterday and I can't stop thinking about her!! I really wanna befriend her!!
B: Oh! She must be a Olatz!
by mxxxx72 September 30, 2018
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To be a motherfucking genius (in any situation).
(1)- That dude is a total olatz, he never studies and always gets the best marks

(2)- My girlfriend is an olatz in bed, she knows how to do every position in the Kamasutra!

(3)- Messi is THE olatz of football.
by WayToGoPaul December 19, 2018
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Olatz is an acquired taste.
She is always joking around and having fun. Be careful when she feels comfortable in a group or a gathering! She can suprise you with a joke that will make you think a lot.

When she is bored, she would come to you and ask? What are you doing? Do you want to hear a joke?
Friend: Oh I wish I could come up with an Olatzian joke.

One of her jokes: ¿Qué le dice un pez a otro? Olatz would say: Nada! (she would laugh at her own jokes!)
by stphmateo April 26, 2018
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A great person with a kind heart. if you ever have a problem you dont know how to fix, Olatz will help you out
Olatz helped me to sort out a few things today.
by eviethebestbitcheber February 11, 2018
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