a sexy little creauture! who loves to be around people, not selfish and always thinks of other, she is a great friend and will always be loyal and has a beautiful smile that most guys would die for
OMG vida just smiled at me *tear*
by cbkdsvbnakl October 31, 2010
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an amazing chick, beautiful, good in bed, sexy

when u see her you will fall in love
guy :WOW vida was great in bed
by febuwfbgvlqwei October 31, 2010
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a hot woman with a big ass, usally a latin woman.
ay man! look at that VIDA! i'ma get that!
by foxyma October 22, 2007
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Vida is a name for girls who are so so much pretty and cute
In Spanish language it means life and in Persian language means obvious! But you remember this beautiful name as a girl a I just explained
Not only Vida is cute but also is genius
by Li99blue August 16, 2018
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Vida, meaning life, is very down-to-earth, and smart. Smokin' hot, and eco-friendly. A vida may also be stubborn. Will never take no for an answer.
Vida: can I borrow your scarf?
You: no sorry it's my grandmothers.


You: *runs away in fear, leaving the scarf behind*
by cheesemenunite July 15, 2010
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Enjoy every second you have with her. She’s always there to talk, she’s amazingly pretty, and has the best laugh you will ever hear. She will always shape you into an amazing person, and will stay in your mind wherever you go. She can be a little feisty sometimes, but only when needed. She’s always out and about doing special things and hanging out with her friends. She volunteers for things around town and makes the town a better place altogether.
I wrote this for my grandma, who died of cancer in 2017. I was small at the time and didn’t take it that seriously. I didn’t take the chance to see her the last time. And I’ve dealt with the guilt everyday since. She was my best friend, truly.. Always there to talk, but now I have to cope with everything. By myself. Life is getting so hard and I’d do anything to see her one last time. I miss you, Vida.
by ToomRoomFan12 October 22, 2020
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