11 definitions by DD Alwhiney

Prostate Exam is an exam where a doctor digitally examines your prostate.
Guy -Hey man, when I went to my Prostate Exam and you said it was a digital exam, you really should have specified that digital meant his fingers and not numbers.
Friend- You ok?
Guy- I don’t wanna talk about it
by DD Alwhiney May 18, 2019
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A word that people will try to find different justifications for but is just not a word
Hey how was your nap?
It was great

So it was like the Amber of all naps?? A napber
That’s not a real word
by DD Alwhiney August 11, 2019
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Another way of saying the common English phrase “please” but with more urgency
Worker 1: Can you cover this shift for me?

Worker 2: Are you gonna be out of town?
Worker 1: No, not really
Worker 2: No not really isn’t an answer

Worker 1: Plase!!!
by DD Alwhiney November 20, 2020
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The advice your grandpa or any random old person has ever given you which you can apply to everyday life situations
Me- I gotta go to the bathroom but it’s full, I really need some grandpa wisdom
Me thinking back deep in my conscience and remembering that my grandpa always said when the bathroom is full soon your pants will be full..... of shit
by DD Alwhiney July 09, 2019
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A way of letting a male friend know that you want to give them some type of compliment to help boost their spirits.
Male 1 - Hey bro wanted to give you some dome and let you know that’s a nice shirt you got on today.

Male 2 - Wait! What did you just say?

Male 1 - Bro, every time I try and give you some dome you make it all awkward
by DD Alwhiney June 15, 2019
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Another word to use for a female’s breasts. This is a good substitute and slightly classier than tits, jugs, boobies, or bitties.
Guy 1: Dude did see the girl they hired?

Guy 2: No?

Guy 1: Yeah some white chick with no ass but some great front hitters. I hope she comes by and talk to us.

Guy 2: No girls ever talk to me, I think it’s how I carry myself
by DD Alwhiney November 03, 2019
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The act of faking a friendship with someone in order to gain the upper hand in the world
These morons think I’m their friend little do they know I’m just being laxidazical...wink wink
by DD Alwhiney January 30, 2021
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