when you realize the guy you are hooking up with, dancing with, etc. has a boner
Kevin "oh hello-ed" me at the dance.
by WagePeace November 6, 2007
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(verb) When you are making out with your boyfriend and then he gets too excited and jizzes through his pants onto you.

(noun) An unexpected or unwanted surprise
(verb) "I can't believe he oh hello-ed all over me!!"
(noun) "I like you alot and always have" "oh hello!"
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A phrase said by the famous fictional character SHREK in a Dreamworks animation skit. The phrase became popular when a vine highlighted the phrase by raising the volume of shrek's voice to defeat all the dreks. Everyone on Facebook lost their shit over it XD
*walks up to farquaad and/or stranger*


(the mans face is ripped clean off)
by FreddieJonesy12 May 18, 2016
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