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A phrase said by the famous fictional character SHREK in a Dreamworks animation skit. The phrase became popular when a vine highlighted the phrase by raising the volume of shrek's voice to defeat all the dreks. Everyone on Facebook lost their shit over it XD
*walks up to farquaad and/or stranger*


(the mans face is ripped clean off)
by FreddieJonesy12 May 18, 2016
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A farquaad like member, but irritates the pungent lord 20% more than a normal farquaad. The word dreck has no relation to brown scented onions or a dirty swamps
'Shrek is dreck' said the farquaad upperclassman

He was then annihilated from behind and his head dismembered from his entire 'Dreck' body

An older dreck student watched in fear and at the same time soiled himself
by FreddieJonesy12 May 18, 2016
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The term used when a message or text is received by a unique green round figure that has an onion like figure. The term is used when this figure wishes to in some sort of sexual activity and implies this message using social media or a mobile phone.
Upperclassman: Have you received any shrext’s today?
Dreck Student: WTF Shrek is dreck! Have receiving shrext’s
Upperclassman: If there were a 5 film I would Say it was better than shrek 1 to all the faggy shrek fans
Upperclassman: BAHAHA Shrek the Halls is my favourite film

The boys joked….

If this scenario or one similar to it both these charming boys would be stripped of there pungent layers and be replaced by oinions in the physical form. They would however work as shrexual servants for the rest of there dreck driven lives.
by FreddieJonesy12 May 19, 2016
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