Hey Abel, its Jose remember when we were fucking in the bathroom of Dreamworks?
by marcomoscow August 19, 2009
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A poorly under appreciated animation studio. Many people believe it to be 'A rip-off of Pixar' when in reality the only similarity is that they both use 3D animation in many of their productions, nothing else.
Dreamworks started out shaky and because of it's poor start has not been given the chance to redeem itself by the public eye, mostly snooty, solely Pixar fans who scoff at anything made by Dreamworks without giving it a fair chance.

It's films are often more comedic then touching and are slewed with pop culture, making them more likely to be forgotten and less likely to be appreciated, since obviously every story must touch your heart, make you cry and has to have an over bearingly sentimental meaning.

Also, they like to make sequels and according to the public that is punishable by 30 years in the dungeon, no trial.
Payton: Hey, did you see that new DreamWorks movie, How to Train Your Dragon?
Kaitlyn: Oh goodness, that movie is my absolute favorite. Nothing can compare to it.

Every time I see the DreamWorks logo before a movie preview, I squeal a little in my seat.
by NovaScar October 12, 2011
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A shitty ripoff of Pixar. Makes sub-par animated films that are only blockbusters because of the A-list celebrities in their movies. None of their animated films will be remembered in the next 10 years because they suck.

A greedy company that tries to make every okay film they have into a friggin franchise. will take a good movie of theirs and ruin it by making 2839238 horrible sequels just for the money.
Idiot: Dude did you know DreamWorks is making a Shrek 4?

Smart Guy: AGAIN? the first movie was good, the second was okay, and the third was bullshit. Fuck DreamWorks.
by CTMA November 16, 2007
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A shitty youtube channel that focuses on the hottest trends and all of that crap.
Guy A: Hey what did you watch today?
Guy B: Dreamworks TV
by Snowballisntadictonary July 29, 2018
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Created by the youtuber TheOdd1sOut, The DreamWorks Trequal Paradox is a phenomenon where a DreamWorks sequel is as good (or better) as the original, but the 3rd movie is sub-par.
However, there's one franchise that doesn't follow the DreamWorks Trequal Paradox™ and it haunts my dreams (works).
by JmanDraws November 24, 2022
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