The alternative to using the word "gay." George Takei, has allowed others to use his name as an alternative to "gay," due to Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" bill.

Takei sounds more polite and appropriate, and also sounds cooler.
"That handbag is so gay!" (Wrong.)
"That hand bag is so Takei!" (Correct.)
by DMLD96 August 13, 2011
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A Word meaning to give one a ride on the seat of a Bicycle. Also: Seater, Croger and ET
" Giz a Takey down the offy "
by John Gaskell March 24, 2004
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When someone takes down an online poll in response to getting the opposite result they wanted.
Did you see that person quickly taking down their online poll cause it didn't sway their way? Yeah, they must have Pulled a Takei.

HAHA that Celeb totally didn't like their results, They blamed it on trolls.
by aCanadianGuyeH February 25, 2017
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A sophomoric Irish Twist on the act of forced sex (rape) popularized by the movie "Darby O'Gill and the little people".

Meaning that an unwilling partner will "give" sex, and the willing partner will "take" it regardless of enthusiasms.

Can be used as a noun or a verb.

"Well, this is the big third date, if Kelly will not give it up, I may have to throw down the ol' givey-takey"

"I'd like to hook that stuck up bitch with some givey takey!"

by Grepdogg1 April 18, 2009
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Japanese American actor who is best known as starship Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu on the original Star Trek TV show. He also appeared as Admiral Sulu in some Star Trek movies (where he raised a daughter too) and he's also voiced in as Sulu in the animated TV series. He's also starred in a movie about the Green Berets with John Wayne, performed in Shakespeare plays, and many TV shows (as a guest), TV ads, and movies and more. As a child he and his kin were detained in a Japanese American detention center during World War II. He doesn't seem to be too sour over this act of xenophobia and stupidity.

A few years ago he "came out of the closet", yes Virginia he's gay. Who woulda guessed? He certainly doesn't "fit the stereotype" . I didn't know he's about 70 years of age either. He got hitched to his longtime partner last year before California enacted Proposition 8.
I met George Takei at a Trekkie convention at a Holiday Inn. He was very calm and polite, he'd gladly answer any question you had, he'd gladly sign anything you had, he shook my hand then he posed while giving the "Live Long And Prosper" hand sign and smiling while I took a snapshot. I would later see, talk to and meet other Star Trek actors and actresses in the years to come but of all them George Takei was the coolest! He's got none of that "superstar" ego problem. All you "fag basher"s can say what you will but he is a very intelligent and nice person. That afternoon at the convention was a pleasant one and meeting George Takei was a fun unforgettable experience. What else matters?
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 13, 2009
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