An Avanti is a loyal, understanding friend who loves her friends and family. She is a hard-working person, who cares for everyone. She makes funny jokes to lighten the mood. But, if you cross her or trigger her-- your dead meat! Avantis tend to have an attitude when things don't go their way. But, you have to remember that she is still a warm and kind person. There is also a fun party Avanti you will only meet if she trusts you and opens up to you. When you meet an Avanti you will love her and realize your life is now complete so don't let her go.
"Wow, she's so nice and perfect!"
"IKR!! Totally an Avanti!"
by xoxogossipgirl:) February 26, 2018
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Northern word used by Peter Kay fans to hurry along another person.... Used primarily by Ed Page
Come on, Hurry up, Move Your A**, Shift
by Colin Cooper February 04, 2004
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She's amazing. She's smart, loyal, trustworthy, and you can turn to her for everything. She's gorgeous, and she values everyone else above herself. Her self confidence is bad, but she doesn't show it and is strong on the outside. A lot of people think they know sad, depressing things about her, but if she really opens up to you, damn, she must trust you a lot. And if you break that trust, she will be broken, forever.
I love her! Such an Avanti!
by heeyyyyer March 25, 2019
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A fiberglass sportscar, originally produced by Studebaker.
Studebaker has been gone for decades, but the Avanti lives on. For a while it was basically a Camaro with a custom body and interior, but then Chevrolet stopped making Camaros. The current Avanti is based on the Ford Mustang.
by Gus Hill October 13, 2006
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Best cigar ever, sold in packs of four and five.
Taste like liqourice. Can I have a second avanti?
by lionloversam July 07, 2006
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A chain of "Italian Restaurants" located in Central Illinois. The restaurant is home to the "world famous Gondola" which is some terrible bread, some questionable beef you can find in the clearance rack of most grocery stores, and American Kraft singles. If you like dressing or any type of flavoring whatsoever, this is not the place to go.
"Hey bro, eat shit"
"Oh you mean Avanti's?"
by Whatwhat2345 January 06, 2014
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