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The first Capri was in the 1940's. It was Amerian.

In the 1960's and 70's Mercury imported a Capri made by Ford of Europe.

In 1979, and into the early 80's, the Mercury Capri was a slightly different looking version of the Ford Mustang.

In the 1990's Mercury used the Capri name on a Mazda based 2-seat convertible.
The Mustang based Mercury Capri was a great car, but it looked TOO MUCH like a Mustang. They both looked great, they just should have looked more DIFFERENT.

The 1967-69 Mercury Cougar was a PERFECT example of how to make a DIFFERENT looking Mustang for Mercury.

FORD: Why not give us a NEW Mercury Capri and a NEW Mercury Cougar. Make them Mustang-like, but, make the Capri a slightly smaller 2-seater, and the Cougar a slightly larger car with a REAL back seat. While your at it, we in the snowbelt/rustbelt could really use plastic bodies (no rust) and AWD (for winter traction).
by Jeff Goven July 14, 2006
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