Another way to say "chill out", "leave me alone", or "get off my ass."

Gets great response, causes the person who's on your ass to shut the hell up and back down.

Mom: Gonzo, did you do your homework yet?
Gonzo: Ma, hop of my nuts.
Mom: Yes master.


Fatass in car behind me: (Honking) Hey asshole, get off the road!
Gonzo: What the hell am I supposed to do? The jackoff in front of me is going slow, so hop off my nuts.
Fatass: Oh, sorry. I'm fat and stupid.
by GONZO! April 16, 2006
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An expression used by a person who is feeling pressure in a social situation by either a specific individual or a group of people. This specific individual or group of people are usually trying to get the person who uses the expression to do something that they don't want to do.
"Every time I go home for the holidays my grandmother never fails to ask me about when I am going to settle down, get married, and have kids. I'd never say it out loud, but in my head I'm like 'get off my nuts grandma!'"
by NYLAsexbomb November 24, 2006
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To tell someone to stop bugging you or if someones on your back.
Micheal:hey Jon why wont ya bum me some cash?
Jon:Dude get off my nuts.
by jonasouraus April 4, 2009
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Someone is kissing up to you/kissing your butt.
He was totally swinging off my nuts.


He was totally swinging.
by Xtina & Idnarb April 11, 2006
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p1: hey u give me your cheeseburger
p2: Yo Get Off My Nuts
by DOKUKIRI November 22, 2010
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used when someone is being annoyed
Loser kid-"hey i called you like 12 times last night and you never answered"
Cool kid-"would you get off my nuts already"
by JSanchez February 24, 2008
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To trail off on a tangent during conversation, and not realise that the people around you are beginning to think you are crazy.
Sam and Dani were conversing about politics. When Dani started on about political puns, Sam thought to himself, 'off your nuts, AGAIN!'
by congruence July 3, 2016
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