I phrase that is said to someone who is sitting on your nuts.
You've been sitting on my nuts for about 2 months now I think it's time for you to get off my nuts.
by NuttyBuddyBoy January 9, 2010
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When someone is all up in your shit and askin to many questions, so you tell them to get up off my nuts.
Darrel "man, man, when we gonna hang out, when you gonna pay me money, when you gonne give me my coke???!?!?!"

Juan "Get up off my nuts"
by Cerpin Taxt May 28, 2004
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A phrase used to describe something truly amazing. It is also used to denote a good time had.
Mark: Holy shit, did you go the tool concert last night??
Ryan: Hell yeah, that shit was banana splits off the nuts crunchin'


Kerry: Man that party was dootang.
Ambo: Fuck yeah, that mess was Banana splits off the nuts crunchin, dootang!
by mochiko August 20, 2006
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1. a term of endearment; often use when one person displays excessive concern towards another individual 2.) a term of arrogance used to belittle an hater's hatred towards the person being hated on.
Girl: Hey, you (male) look real nice to today.

Male: You know what you can do?
Girl: What?
Male: GOMYN (Get off my nuts)


Hater: He (Star) always act like he running things.
Star: GOMYN (Get off my nuts)
by JustSay'n September 5, 2011
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The definition of off nut is MM every single weekend between the hours of Friday 5pm - Monday 5pm. And is usually because of copious amounts of narcotics and alcohol
by go_again October 24, 2020
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your so high you don’t know what your doing where you are or why you even exist.
meaning that your so off your face you forget your own address and end up on a train headed for London
James:“i forgot i had existed again”
James:“i don’t know about you but i’m absolutely Off my nut”
by itz_jacd August 30, 2022
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