A phrase describing anything of pimp origins. If something is phat, cool, dope, the balls, fly, it's this.
Yo, dawg, that fly ass big screen is off-the-hook!!
by Studman the Great September 24, 2006
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To show something is approved, sound as a pound, better than good. Not to be confused with to be let off with something (old phrase).
A hot bird walks past you in a bar. You say "That bird was off the hook".
by RockNRollStar May 24, 2006
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Wild, Chaotic, Unencumbered. Derived from ancient naval slang. The hook referred to the anchor. In violent storms, if the anchor would break loose from the seabottom (or break loose from the anchor chain - ref "Off the chain.."), the ship would be uncontrolled, free and wild. Utter chaos. Can you imagine anything more wild than a uncontrolled ship in a hurricane?
by OffTheHook June 01, 2009
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synonym for busy - and not in the sense of "unavailable," but rather "sustaining much activity."
the Urban Dictionary is off the hook for October
by Anonymous October 04, 2001
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a word meaning cool, brilliant, wicked. made famous by MAXWELL from UK BIG BROTHER 6 (2005)! Said in London (cockney areas) as "Off the 'ook".
Nah man, that was off the 'ook.
by SpeakerBoxx UK August 11, 2005
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