an event, occurance, place, or thing that is said to be, or have been, of great enjoyment
that club last night was off the heezy

that bitches face was buckled, but the pussy was off the heezy
by the ju1ce August 18, 2003
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off of the so called hook, banging
this party is off the heexy yo
by bam (brandon) July 11, 2004
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Something that cannot be expressed by the English language, hence a made up phrase must be used.
Just add "off the heezy" to anything and you get the idea...
That bitch was off the heezy.
That taco was off the heezy.
Damn man, your shit is off the heezy.
by Mr.Grammar May 24, 2003
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phrase describing anything that sexually arouses the one saying it
"Yo dawg, that dildo be off the heezy"
by Dying Anna May 26, 2003
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a term used for something very cool, tight, or outa dis world.
same as: -off da hook
-off da chain
by Big D June 6, 2003
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