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The act of intentionally using your car to perform stunts or maneuvers involving going off of a designated road or parking lot zone. In many situations, someone may find themselves maneuvering their car over obstacles such as, but not limited to, curbs, center medians, sidewalks, and parking space dividers. This act is very similar to urban off-roading.
Hey dude, I couldn't turn around all the way at the end of the street, so I had to carkore over the curb to turn all the way around.
by Ryan Washburn March 29, 2011
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Urban Off-Roading is the intentional use of a vehicle, typically a non four wheel drive vehicle, as a off road vehicle in an urban environment. Urban Off-Roading is not strictly limited to non four wheel drive vehicles, in some situations, four wheel drive may be recommended. Location(s) or obstacle(s) of which urban off roader may encounter: staircases, benches, curbs, center medians, guard rails, parking space dividers, parking garages or lots, ect. Urban Off-Roading is not to be mistaken for Carkour. Urban Off-Roading is a far more aggressive and dangerous approach to Carkour. Also, Urban Off-Roading has no purpose but to exist as itself, only for off-roading and entertainment purposes. Carkour exists as a form of entertainment as well as a mode of transportation.
Hey dude. My friends and I are going Urban Off-Roading this weekend in downtown LA. My buddy is bringing his Cherokee, but I am bringing my Corolla.
by Ryan Washburn May 21, 2011
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