Urban Off-road is an exclusive group of Jeep and truck owners who tear up urban settings, such as schools, parks and neighborhoods in their off-road vehicles. Urban Off-road has been known to drive up and down large sets of stairs, up and over curbs and lawns, through school playgrounds and doing donuts on playing fields. Urban Off-road hits mostly at night and marks where it has been with a sticker of their logo, Urban Off-road.
Dude! Urban Off-road drove through the school last night, they left a their tags in the parking lot and soccer fields.
by Shadows_ck September 14, 2006
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a tattoo located above a womans ass. See also Tramp Stamp Implying permission to access the Hershey highway or take the mud trail.
"Check out the off road permit... I'm throwin it in the pooper later"
by B.Bolic January 3, 2007
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During a womens menstrual cycle, the man or women may suggest to the other they 'go off-road'.

This means to engage in anal sex in order to avoid having sex via the vagina during her period (bloody mess).

Many couples enjoy this alternative with the aid of a water-based lubricant.

If you want to be more romantic you can always ask in French would you like to "aller tout-terrain"?
Off-road season is a chance to explore another side of your sex life. Enjoyment for the man and the woman.
by heypresto December 16, 2010
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Similar to a Chinese fire drill but orgy-like. Everyone exits the vehicle to try new positions.
The gang frequently pulls over to do the off road scrambler.
by P-for-paranoia December 17, 2019
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What you write in the Facebook marketplace ad for your clapped out piece of shit patrol that overheated on Fraser twice and got launched off gunshot so hard both the axels look life leaf springs.
Yeah mate she looks petty average but how many tracks has she been down?
Nah mate never flogged never taken off road old lady drove it twice weekly to the shops and bingo.
Sure sure mate so why's it need four low just to pull outta the driveway?
by You've been chopped. November 19, 2021
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Far More Intense Than "Off The Hook" Or "Off The Chain"
Person 1..You see that hottie at the bar?
Person 2..yeah, shes bangin
Person 3..man, shes "Off The Road"
by TeX October 29, 2003
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This phrases is widely used among many of the "nerd" factions, mostly used in conjunction with the popular theatrical line from the movie: Fellowship of the Ring. Getting off the road implies removing oneself from harms way.
"Hey Jeremy, you better get off the road before Josh wins at Smash Brothers AGAIN."
by Aazhmandius March 20, 2003
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