Off by one or OBO is a common error in computer program whereby a loop executes one time too few or too many. It occurs most commonly with complex vector or matrix scans.
Programmer 1: This program doesn't work. Take a look and see if there's anything wrong.
Programmer 2: Oh, this for loop is OBO. You aren't scanning the whole array.
by Lezard Valeth May 24, 2003
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An "Off-By-One" (OBO) in a non-programming context is the act of a touch-typist beginning to type with their hands one key offset from home position.

If the typist in question types fast enough, the resulting nonsense string of gibberish resembling a 14 year-old's SMS history or YouTube comment may actually be sent/submitted before they notice what they've done.
Ex 1:
Sm "Pgg-Nu-Pmr" )PNP_ om s mpm-ptphts,,omg vpmyrcy od yjr svy pg s ypivj-yupody nrhommomh yp yupr eoyj yjrot jsmfd pmr lru pggdry gtp, yjr jp,r ppdoyopm/ (*That was actually harder than I thought it'd be, though notice the prevalence of things like omg and gtp)

Ex. 2:
Carly1992: Wanna come over to my place?
TCAPreditorBate: rirakky!
TCAPreditorBate: totally* Sorry, off by one
by ZenAtWork May 28, 2010
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To behave in an extreme, inappropriate manner in response to provocation.
When he heard he just went 'off on one' and wouldnt stop ranting for several hours.
by terminal.eight March 5, 2006
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Behaviour outside the realms of normal, with respect to the individual.

To do one's own thing.

To 'give the birdie' to the world and make a concerted effort to annoy / piss off / offend as many people as possible in a given timeframe.
John: Er... is Calvin off on one?
James: Nope - he usually chases pigeons on his lunchbreak.

James: Woah - does Miranda usually dance on tables whilst inebriated, sans underwear??
John: Nope - she's off on one.
by mr. duffy March 7, 2010
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Idiom (UK), see go off on one. To launch into a rant or lengthy discussion about some pet subject.

Might be derived from "going off on a tangent", but has more of a connotation of annoyance.
Sorry for going off on one, but I really feel strongly about this.
by Cedders February 27, 2011
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To be provoked by someone/something to such a point that a verbal reaction becomes inevitable.
Why's that kid shitting on Tom's car? Tom's gonna go off on one in a minute.
by Manson April 27, 2005
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