An online "board" where people can draw, via a java paint applet, pictures (usually in the style of anime) and can have comments posted by other users, so as to have their artwork thoughtfully critiqued. Fun to do if you go to a good board.
If you don't have a tablet then oekaki boards would suck.
by Blizzleair November 10, 2003
Literally meaning "to draw a picture" is Japanese, it's become a term amoung artists, usually of the anime sort, to draw on a certain board using either OekakiBBS or PaintBBS and drawing pretty pictures to share with the board buddies.
My friends are better at oekaki than me, but I pwn them once I go onto Photoshop!
by Ayumi Moore May 10, 2005
An online drawing website were you can interact with other people. Choose from several programs to draw with. Other users can leave comments on the picture you drew. Can be used with a mouse or a tablet.
I was up all night drawing my 1337 picture on the oekaki

Oh man, my uber gay computer was lagging while I was trying to finish my oekaki, whilst drawing with my tablet
by Troggy January 27, 2005
oekaki means doodle in japanese. a place where pepole draw pictures and other pepole can comment on the picture. it helps arists become better. it was started in japan but now is all over the world.
i went to the oekai bords and there was wonderfull pepoles there
by requiem September 28, 2003
A place to draw, where your pictures usually come out pixillated and overall a little shitty, unless you have a tablet/go to an advanced oekaki. People may comment on them giving their opinions. Oekaki, when translated, means 'scribble' (which is exactly what your picture is).
I draw on an oekaki.
by draikom February 7, 2004
Oekaki is a term used commonly by pussy cuck beta males that don't know how to pixel art. Commonly used in conversation to bring down a pixel artist that is really good and makes high resolution things.
GoodArtist: Hey! Look at what I made! *sends pixel art*
Cuckboy: BOI! That is some oekaki that ain't pixel art!
GoodArtists:Oh ok... *deletes picture*
by PineTreePizza September 4, 2018