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Very athletic, strong, muscular, and sexy guy. used to describe all of these traits, mostly on middle eastern guys.
" Dude, you're an obaid!" "we're gonna mak you into an obaid." " Damn, that guy is an obaid"
by shadow16529 March 07, 2008
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Unordinary, very unique being with human like features. Very sexy and has a mysterious appeal. Extremely rare individual, one of a kind.
That person is an Obaid wannabe. He cannot be so unique like him.
by ReMiX April 26, 2004
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Obaid; meaning in Arabic to be a small slave. Not really a slave, but a very loving and compassionate person. Has many qualities that one loves and can’t resist! Sticks to his heart and accepts you in what you are. Very friendly but can be shy at moments. Loves to travel, be with friends and family, but school is always his first priority or at least he tries. He’s handsome, has an amazing facial, and attracts many people not only by looks but clean heart.
Obaid is so handsome.
by faith1002 May 09, 2018
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A headass kind of guy who thinks he's cool when really, he leeches off of people for reports and homework. The sad truth is, is that his real name is too embarrassing that he goes by a nickname, OBAID.
by Obnithi April 08, 2019
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