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Unordinary, very unique being with human like features. Very sexy and has a mysterious appeal. Extremely rare individual, one of a kind.
That person is an Obaid wannabe. He cannot be so unique like him.
by ReMiX April 26, 2004

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Big 'ol ghetto booty; a booty that when you look at it, it makes you bite your bottom lip; a booty that you could sit your drank on at it passed by you in the club and she wouldn't even know that it was there
You got a badoonkadonk girl ... don't hurt nobody!!
by Remix March 04, 2003

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An extention of the word nub. Used to describe someone who is more of a nub, than the nubs themselves.
You are such a nubbice.

Who let this nubbice in?
by ReMiX April 19, 2004

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the nice hydroponic, that light green shit
I got some of that fire yesterday, you needs to come by and elevate your mind.
by Remix March 04, 2003

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Stupid Herb.
Man He Is Such A Sureal.
by Remix July 10, 2003

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