this one's drunk, thas why he layin on the sidewalk
fuckin homeless 'people'
by bruja April 22, 2005
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A face, similar to ^//^ and/or >//< . The o//o is a blushing face, however the eyes are open in shock or disbelief. This is not usually used as a positive way of blushing, such as ^//^ would be. o//o is usually used when someone is embarrassed or surprised.
Mom: I threw you a surprise birthday party, and invited all your friends, but they only had bright pink balloons

Me: o//o
by Sharp131313 November 05, 2013
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An emoticon used to indicate the person is blushing, embarassed, etc.
person 1: zomg, do you really like him?!
person 2: um.. o////o
by dfskdshjdsahdsa April 12, 2006
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This is the common symbol among lesbis or bi chicks to represent two lesbians about to do scissoring. Also referred to as tribadism or tribbing. It is a real thing.
"Hey Megan want to??? o/-<>-/o" "Oh yes Steph come over rite tf now lets get slippery!!!!!"
by tribadest August 05, 2014
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Average (o)(o)
Cold breasts (^)(^)
Nippels De Grande(O)(O)
Breast Implants (@)(@)
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Person 1: i got a new computer today
Person 1: o/
Person 2: grats
Person 3: Congratulations! \o
Person 1: o/*\o
by sekret April 19, 2008
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