Muscle of the anal opening. Can be easily ruptured through violent anal sex.
Sorry if my 12-incher tore your o ring.
by MegaMan_C_ February 10, 2004
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your brown eye, bunghole, or the muscle that holds your turtle head in.
dude i just took a massive dookie, i almost blew my o ring
by longhairedwizardwithlazyeye August 25, 2008
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On gothic jewelry, such as bondage cuffs and collars, the O-ring is the round ring (as opposed to the D-shaped D-ring). It signifies sexual submissiveness.
If a guy sees me in my red collar with the O-ring, he will know without speaking to me what I like ;-)
by Ms. M September 6, 2003
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use your phone to record a girl orgasming while you're having sex with her, then set that recording as her personal ringtone when she calls you.
<your phone rings>
friend - "WTF? that sounds like theresa, but what's happening to her?"
you - "oh, that's theresa's o ring"
by JON MASSIE December 5, 2009
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The black rubber rings that hold in body jewelry.
I lost one of my o rings, so my earring fell right out!
by SR August 1, 2003
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The seal around a person anus.
She road the bone rollercoaster so much her o rings are blown. Causing skid marks in her panties.
by kagent November 23, 2005
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