use your phone to record a girl orgasming while you're having sex with her, then set that recording as her personal ringtone when she calls you.
<your phone rings>
friend - "WTF? that sounds like theresa, but what's happening to her?"
you - "oh, that's theresa's o ring"
by JON MASSIE December 05, 2009
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a black plastic ring that slips in between a paintball guns c02 tanks, and where it screws into the gun. Acts as a "seal" so no c02 escapes.
My o rings broke and air is leaking from my tank.
by Shayz0r December 24, 2005
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Another term for cock ring. A ring of either rubber or leather that is placed around the scrotum and penis to constrict the flow of blood to the male organ, allowing for larger, longer-lasting erections and more intense orgasms. Also worn to make the male pubic region stand out better, making the bulge in one's pants more pronounced so that other men think you have a bigger package.
I used a rubber o-ring that was too tight and my boner wouldn't go down. Now I can't get the fucking thing off.
by dicklicker May 23, 2003
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performed when a girl, especially a bitch, is sucking on your balls; the man, or receiver of the nut-sucking, proceeds to smack the bitch across the face quite hard. But, it is a failed o-ring if the cock smackage does not cause the bitch's, or the balls sucker's, ears to ring. The most effective o-rings will knock a bitch out cold.
to perform an o-ring.
Bruce Lee: That chick jessica keeps giving me shit about her being pregnant but i didnt even stick it in the bitch!
Jose Contreras: Sounds like she could use an o-ring... knock that bitch out and she won't come back to complain to you anymore.
Jose Contreras: Man, I o-ringed that bitch so hard last night she was out for an hour!
Bruce Lee: Thats nothing, ese. I once hospitalized a bitch I o-ringed her so hard.
by benny b from the bronx November 10, 2004
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referring to onion rings. particularly used when asserting a need for.
im so hungry. i could really go for o rings right now
by playap02 January 16, 2004
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On gothic jewelry, such as bondage cuffs and collars, the O-ring is the round ring (as opposed to the D-shaped D-ring). It signifies sexual submissiveness.
If a guy sees me in my red collar with the O-ring, he will know without speaking to me what I like ;-)
by Ms. M September 06, 2003
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