Hey buddy don't push out that turd to hard,you'll blow out your o-ring.
by Ooogalie Boogalie May 22, 2003
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the black plastic rings used as backings for thicker gauge jewlry (usually plugs) worn by those with stretched ears.
My plugs gonna fall out if I don't get new o rings soon.
by Marsalis November 15, 2005
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A small plastic seal used in paintball guns and on the valve of some paintball CO2 and HPA tanks.
The last time I took my tank off I blew an o-ring.
by nuage August 26, 2003
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The black rubber rings that hold in body jewelry.
I lost one of my o rings, so my earring fell right out!
by SR August 01, 2003
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the little round rubber black stoppers for ear plugs and spikes.
damn it, I lost my O-ring and now my plug won't stay in!
by ashley January 31, 2004
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