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1.Something my best friend's dad is obsessed with.

2. NAP
Mollie: DAD!! I'm hungry!
Mollie's dad: Have some tuna salad!
by Remy's Bitch November 19, 2004
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Best movie in the world. Superbly acted. Johnny Depp is awesome-so is Benecio DelToro. It is about to men Raoul Duke(Depp)a journalism expert- and his samoan attorney- Dr.Gonzo(DelToro)- that go to Las Vegas to cover the Mint 400 (a motorcycle race)- and to find the American Dream, acompanied by a trunkful of drugs- these to men turn a simple weekend task-into a psycadellic whirlwind... From a word caption for Sports Illustraded, to a book, to the screem- comes a movie both hilarious-and-savage...
"You took too much man! Too much! too much!.." - Dr. Gonzo


"We were somewhere around Barstow, near the edge of the desert-when the drugs began to take hold"- Raoul Duke

One Toke you poor fool?- just wait until you see those goddamn bats..."-RD
by Remy's Bitch December 31, 2005
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ALL OF YOU MOFO'S ARE SOOOOOOOOO FUCKING WRONG ABOUT WHAT A GISH IS!!!! It, was 'created' on December 4th 2004- by my best friend Mollie Blumberg when she was drunk.. She says she meant to say 'tickelish', but it came out gish...
' your a gish.......... '
by Remy's Bitch January 5, 2005
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The best fucking Lake in Northern Cali!
Lake Mendocino is the best- I don't know WHY- but all I know is that it is.
I have been going to that lake for hella years- like since I was like... a baby and shit...

This year for Memorial Day Weekend- we got the best campsite their. My 2 good friends Addie RosalesAND Tianna Smart are goign and we are going to get FUCKED UP!!!!!

May 27-31st. :D
My friends and I were in my dads old truck and we were all really drunk- screaming and swearing- so the guy who owned that campsite called the cops on us- and I told him to "Suck A dick"- so I got the cops called on me and was puking the whole night

Another example of Lake Mendocino- is when my dads friend Steve Carney took his boat out on the lake at like- 1 AM- and he ran out of gas- so he was stranded out their for the whole night.... Yup- Good times...
by Remy's Bitch February 9, 2005
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the bitch I slept with last night..
Fuck yeah
"Your mom is such a MILF"
fuk yess...
by Remy's Bitch January 4, 2005
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One thing I learned in English while doing the Greek Myth unit: A nymph is a whore- that can turn into a tree.

I think that is rather funny.
When I learned that- I started calling my friend Alex a 'nymph'- evwen though she is NOT in any ways at all a hoe- I just feel that- that term suits her for some odd reason..........

She can't turn into a tree either- I wih she did though- that would be savage.
by Remy's Bitch February 8, 2005
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One of the funniest Comedians alive!
One of my favorite things he has done would have to be the "Black People Vs.Niggers"- and I am NOT being racist at all! He seriously said it!
"I WISH THEY LET ME JOIN THE KKK-I'd do I drive-by from here to Brooklyn."

"Fe-fi-fo-figga-boy I hate a nigga"

"I've never been to jail"- WHAT YOU WANT, A COOKIE?

But not all people on welfare are black. Their are white people on welfare too. But we cant give a fuck about them! Broke-ass mothafuckas, Livin in trailer homes, Eating mayonaise sandwiches, fuckin' their sista's, listening to John Melloncamp records!

A bitch that gives the welfare sees a bitch with 9 kids- and is PISSED OFF- she sais "BITCH STOP FUCKING! PUT THE DICK DOWN! AND GET A JOB!"- "Get a job holdin dicks- whatever you do- Just stop fuckin!

No one cares when you get outta school-
"I just got outta school! Got my masters!"
"So what- dont come around here with all that readin and shit- see I can count too 1,2,4,9 So- what! You be countin these rcks byotch!"
"but I got my masters!"
"So what you my master now???"

"Dropped out of school- got myself a GED- u know waht that is? it stands for a Good.Enough.Deploma.

Only college you can go to witha GED is a community college- you know why that is? They be lettin all kinds of people in- crack head,prostututes,drug dealers-COME ON IN!!!

I took a black history class- thought that I'd pass it cuz Im black right? WRONG- FAILED IT. Aint that some sad shir. A black man failing black history. Cus you know fat people don't fail cookin! "THATS PEPRICA."

You wanna know why I failed black history? I dont know no shit about Africa. The only thing I know about Africa is that it's FAR. Africa is like a 35 hour flight. So you know that boat ride as real long! That boat ride was so long that their are still slaves on their way here right now!
by Remy's Bitch January 30, 2005
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