A self taken picture of one's genitals; a firm of selfie.
At the reception the guest snapped a nutsie on the disposable camera.
by The Dr. #$ December 17, 2014
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Nutsie is an anagram for iTunes and is a new product made by Melodeo Inc. for cell phones and its website. nuTsie allows you to upload your iTunes library XML file with all your playlists and listen to it anywhere either on the internet or on your cell phone. No music is uploaded, only meta information about your music.
I Export my iTunes library with a playlist of "Black Eyed Peas" and upload it to nutsie via their website. Now either on the phone or on the web I can now listen to the music from that playlist.
by JF0h June 17, 2007
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A dumb traitor that know one or group likes;outcasts;snitches;
Let's give that nutsie a fucking good kicking!!

You fucking nutsie, im gonna rip your face
by kyle groon January 24, 2006
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A way to share and listen to your own iTunes and your friend's iTunes libraries and playlists. Listening is achieved through either the web or a cell phone.
"How are you listening to your iTunes library at my party at my house?"

"I'm using nuTsie!"

by jonfredric June 20, 2007
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When your balls stick to your leg, typically during the warmer months.
Jeff: Yo Rick, I got a major case of Nutsy going on rn.

Rick: Damn that sucks, I don’t get Nutsy anymore ever since I lost my testicle due to testicular cancer.

Jeff: Tough.
by Marksanchez54 April 19, 2019
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An individual who is kooky and nutty in their personality.
"Jessica, stop being a nutsy!!"
by ohleiohleiheho November 17, 2008
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this is a substitution for ANY cuss word. it really comes in handy in public places when swearing isnt alowed.
yur a frickin nutsy
i want to kick your nutsy
your moms nutsy!
by likeimgonatellu April 22, 2006
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