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The ill-advised consumption of the common household spice Myristica fragrans, which, when taken in large quantities (about a tablespoon or more), will cause a minor inebriation characterized by light-headedness and intermittent mild euphoria alternating with the horrible side effects of intense nausea, severe headache, heart palpitations, abdominal pain, bone pain, muscle aches, and delirium; a cheap and unpleasant high commonly sought after by those without access to decent, safer drugs like marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and almost anything else besides Drano. May cause liver damage.
Friend #1: Man, I wish we had some pot. Mom's got nutmeg. You wanna do some nutmegging?
Friend #2: Fuck you, man ... the last time we did that I couldn't shit for three days and I felt like I wished I was only sick with a terrible case of the fucking FLU! I'll never forgive you for that SHIT!
Friend #1: SORRY! Instead of nutmegging, you wanna inhale some gasoline fumes?
Friend #2: Yeah, that'll suck ... but at least it's not fucking NUTMEGGING! I'll get the gas can and the paper bag.
Friend #1: Cool. You're a real friend. stupid Colorado medical emergency
by THE DOOMED STUFFING November 04, 2014
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Its when a black or coloured man marries or goes out with a white girl but Not the other way round for some reason.The girl is considered to be "nutmegging"or going with a black man
Do you know that so and so is "nutmegging?"
by roger cole January 16, 2008
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getting stupidly high off of eating large amounts of nutmeg.
Dude, I was nutmegging yesterday, and I feel like I'm going to vomit.
by Wilmmer September 25, 2010
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