A weapon of the martial arts, made up of two sticks of equal length and connected by a chain or cord. They originated in Okinawa from rice flails when the common people were banned from bearing iron weapons (blades.)
Bruce Lee made the nunchaku famous in his movies.
by Kyle Raiewski January 09, 2004
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An eastern weapon made from joining the tops (kontoh) of two sticks together with a rope or chain (himo or kusari). Each 'stick' has three parts, the upper area (jokon-bu), the middle area (chukon-bu), and the lower area (kikon-bu). Each area has a specific purpose - the tops and bottoms of the sticks are used for jabs, the upper and lower areas are handled for swinging attacks and maintaining control of the weapon, and the rope or chain can be used for choking an opponent.
It is NOT a ninja weapon, as many people believe, as it originated outside of Feudal Japan. Also, the term 'nunchucks' was coined by the Americans after discovering the weapon, but it is an acceptable name for the weapon.
The major disadvantage of the weapon is the possibility of an opponent catching the weapon in his hand/s and pulling it out of your hands, leaving you disarmed.
The nunchaku is my favourite weapon! Lose fear of the weapon by spinning it in circles around your body, then focus on maintaining control of the weapon after striking an object with it. Takes practice, and a lot of bruises to master it, but hey-ho.
by Mr Munchkins September 08, 2005
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Though not a primary weapon of the Ninja, nunchakus (also known as "nunchucks") were used because they could be adapted for many situations. Aside from being easy to carry, the nunchakus were used to defend against most any weapon from a bo to a sword. By trapping the blade of a sword with the chain between the two sticks, a Ninja could entangle and disarm a sword-weilding attacker.
The same concept applies to almost every other weapon. The nunchakus were not just used for defense, they could also be effectively employed against an enemy in an offensive way. The Ninja could strangle an opponent or even execute joint locks with the chain or cord between the two sticks.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 15, 2011
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Commonly called "nunchucks", these are wood, plastic or other cylindrical material, connected by a chain or cord, to form a close-combat weopon.

The common strike method is the wrist snap, spinning the "chucks" around the pivots in the chain, striking your enemy multiple times quickly.
I whipped his ass like Jackie Chan with my NUNCHAKU.
by Denis Baldwin December 19, 2003
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1. getting your ass kicked by nunchaku
2. being screwed over so bad that it feels as if you were metaphorically beaten by Bruce Lee's nunchaku
1."That Bruce Lee acting douche just nunchakued me in the face."

2."I can't find a new job. So I'm stuck working at this fucking waterpark."

"Ah man, nunchakued."
by seanthamothafuckindoctor September 20, 2008
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A sport in which a one Antony aka Bruce Lee is a mater at!
wow hes a true jedi master at this sport!
by gangsta-rapper-joe June 09, 2005
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When you're cleaning your cat's litter and find two pieces of poop holding together by a hair.
I think my cat is eating a lot of hair, he keeps on shitting poop-nunchakus
by Virus903 October 11, 2021
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