Super sexy and gorgeous with a smile that will make you melt and a body to die for.
He is funny and charming and is absolutely amazing in bed.

he is exciting and one of the most loyal and best friends you can have.
amazing to hang out with and makes you feel really special.
I can't get that guy out of my mind, he is so amazing and gorgeous....he must be an Antony.
by purple lemons May 11, 2010
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Antony is a shy person, he’s usually shy and dosen’t talk much if he’s in a new school. He’s gorgeous and a lot of girls fall for him for his looks. He can be really manly of his voice of how deep it can be. He’s really hard to catch but once he’s yours. He’ll forever be yours . Never let go of your Antony. But this one I like. He’s mine.
What a Antony!
by Zodiacx August 31, 2019
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Antony is that one person on earth that everyone loves,he gets all the girls in a flutter as he walks past and has a body to die for.He will always have the most hottest girls friends and will be envied by the other boys in his class. He is the most funny person ever and is incredible in the bed.He is also hard working and will always keep the spirit up in a team.
"Damn-he thicc,he must be an Antony"
"Go ask him out"
"how could I not""
by thicc dady November 11, 2019
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He is a steamin man who gets all da ladies
He is such an antony
by 6596969696969 April 13, 2018
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My sweetheart. The person I go through thick and thin with. He is there for me always and is the sweetest, adorablest guy ever. He acts bad ass around everyone but shows his true feelings to those who care for him. I love this man with my whole heart!
Girl 1: Look at him! He's so cute, must be an Antony!
Girl 2: Look out his girlfriend will kill you if you have any ideas!
by xoxoZer0xoxo February 24, 2019
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handsome and cool always kind and helpful
girl 1:did you see antony he is so hot!

girl 2: i know right! i wish he was my boyfriend
by smokeygreco August 22, 2018
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1: Very smart boi
2: Great boi
3: Amazing boi
4: Funny boi
5: Master Chef boi
6: I love this boi!
7: Confusing boi

8: Bald boi
I just saw some Antony making scones all the while telling jokes about college!? How??
by monkeysade August 19, 2019
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