A phrase used for unique yet traditional items/customs which origins are unknown.
Boy 1: Hey Paul, check this out! *Farts uncontrollably*
Boy 2: Oh wow, was that Okinawan?
by LanaGibbs February 27, 2017
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An advanced bedroom maneuver requiring exceptional planning, superhuman timing, and great aim. First, one must engage in Coitus. When completion is being neared, one must rip out and quickly ejaculate on their sexual partner’s eyes. Then, they must rinse the semen off with battery acid, which will have been strategically stored beforehand. To finish, a quick urinary rinse, to neutralize the acid.
Greg: “Man, I heard Becky got an Okinawan Sunrise.”

Old man Bert: “I gave one of those to someone back in the war.”
by The Dime Snatcher January 14, 2021
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n. - bruises you recieve from martial arts, mainly Shido-Kan Karate, after training very hard for an extensive amount of time.
Guy #1: Dude! Nice bruise.
Guy #2: Oh. this? This is just my Okinawan Sunburn from last night's karate class.
by Gorillafaceoff October 02, 2011
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An Okinawan Kiss is another term for blow job because all the girls from Okinawa are sluts and whores.
That slut gave me an Okinawan Kiss last night, and then swallowed! That dirty whore!
by Dirty RT August 25, 2010
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A sexual act between three indivudals involving three charcoal briquettes, a ball gag, two flogging paddles, a water hose, and a jar of honey. A filthy sexual act that requires a certain dexterity and flexibility of its participants. The spreading of and simultaneous stuffing of certain bodily orfices is required of all participants. Originated in picnic areas and water parks in the United States in the early 1990s. Popular among gay men and drunk college girls 'looking to experiment' after consuming bottles of Mad Dog 20/20.
"Dude, did you hear that Billy gave Chachi and Dirk an Okinawan Water Bracelet last night at the party, right in front of everybody? That dude craaaaaaaaaazy!"
by Grand_D_D August 04, 2009
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