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when Jeff Maine sits on the toilet and bloody diarrhea pours out of his ass
I don't feel so good, I just had number five. -Jeff Maine
by poopy February 20, 2005
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One of 6 personality traits generally exhibited by women. "Number Five" is attainment of a state which involves consumption of high amounts of alcohol where a distinctive change of personality occurs (i.e, akin to Multiple Personality Disorder ) which include becoming a Fuckowie, becoming highly fun-loving of anything & everything and, lastly, becoming highly sexually charged (of which nothing may result because of being TDTF).
1. Check Linda out, Number Five has definitely jumped into her.
by Shyantha December 20, 2006
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when you sit on the toilet, sneeze, burp, fart, choke, puke, poop, pee, jizz, pick your nose, clean your ears, cry, and clip your toe nails all at the exact same time.
dude i took the narliest number five last night! i nearly died.
by ytyyt67 July 26, 2007
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When a woman's inner labia protrudes further out than her outer labia and/or vulva, resembling a number five on the Arby's menu.
Damn, did you see that stripper's snatch? I wonder if she's serving fries with that number five.
by CatPoopSix December 16, 2010
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To dissociate yourself from someone on a social network. This can be achieved by unfriending someone on Facebook, unfollowing someone on Twitter, or deleting your account so that the individual no longer appears on your Friend or Follow list.
My ex-girlfriend was being mad annoying by constantly messaging me so I NUMBER FIVEd her.
by OchoOcho August 14, 2011
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state of being once taken over by an
uninhibited part that bounces through the crowd leaving
others blazing in the jets either, jumping, partying, and
in general having one hell of a good time w/o really
seeming to need anyone else around to partake
in the festivities
I had one hell of time last night, especially
once Tina reached number five status and
went no holds barred with the ball players
from England who sang in unison "Ole, ole, ole
Gang Bang" once she ventured up to the table.
by Shyantha December 19, 2006
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